Online Pre-Registration

Please follow the instructions to pre-register online.

Printable Registration Form

You can download a printable registration form here, fill it out, and mail or scan/email it to us.

Online Individual Pre-Registration Form

Please click the link and fill out the form below to pre-register for the following camps: Shoot, Spanish Family, Family Day, and Ladies’ Retreat.

Individual Pre-Registration Form

Online Church Group Pre-Registration Form

Please fill out the form below to pre-register your group to reserve sufficient space for the following camp weeks: Primary/Junior, Bus Kids’, Junior, Teen 1, and Teen 2.

In order to complete the registration process, please fill out the printable registration form for each person in your group and mail or scan/email them to us. A church group deposit check of $50 per camper AND receipt of your signed registration forms is required by the registration deadline for each camp in order to avoid a late fee. 

Please contact the office at or 319-250-4455 with any questions.


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